Mobile Home Parts

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Mobile Home Anchor Tie Downs

Description: Mobile Home Anchor tie downs (required by most lenders and Section 8 Housing) Most homes require 4 to 6 tie downs (Anchors).

These Anchors just require the installer to drill the cement slab and install the Anchor Head with the lag bolt. Then use the clamp on the frame and anchor bolt and nut to tighten the clamp. Its an easy and cost effective way to Anchor your home. Price includes everything you need for each Anchor location (Anchor, Lag Bolt, Anchor Bolt/Nut & Frame Clamp).

Price: $45

Rapid Wall Skirting Full 2-inch thick EPS foam backed panel with 9R+ insulation factor


  • 20-year insect warranty
  • Engineered to comply with HUD Wind Loading for Zones I, II, III
  • Adaptable for use in Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Systems
  • No warranty restrictions for ground contact
  • Easy installation without additional framework
  • Available in white, gray and almond
  • Vents are available in white and gray/automatic and manual
  • Access panel doors are available in two different sizes

Price: Estimated Uninstalled Price is $20 per lineal foot of home foot print. Please call for quote!