Finally, you have decided to build a new home. It may even be the first home purchase of your life and you’re scared to death! No need to worry, Showcase Homes of Maine is here to help.

The first step is to talk with an experienced loan officer who can explain what financing may be available to you and how much home you may qualify for. Showcase can provide you with that person. We have invaluable relationships with local banks that can provide the construction loan tailored just for you.

These days, financing is crucial. Housing, vehicles, boats, RVs—they’re all expensive. So, unless you are prepared to write a check for your new home, you will need the knowledge of an experienced Loan Officer to secure some financing for you.

Working with RMS Mortgage Services allows us to offer our customers excellent financing opportunities and we have a strong relationship with many financial institutions and lenders.

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Furthermore, the Building & Sales Consultants at Showcase have had extensive experience with financing new homes and can answer a lot of questions for you. Every Consultant has put themselves through the process of building a new Showcase Homes project. So most importantly, they know first hand what you are going through, and have made it their passion to help you every step of the way!
Here are just a few of the lending companies we work with in this area. These companies are very familiar with Showcase Homes and are ready to help you with your home financing needs.